Astacidea – $315


Astacidea is a handmade one of a kind art doll that was sculpted with Creative paperclay. Her hands are made out of crab claws, her dress is made with found fabric materials and her hair is made out of synthetic fibers found in beauty shops. She has been carefully hand painted with acrylic paints and sealed with a protective finish. She’s slightly posable and stands at 17″ L x 3.5″W. She also has a metal hook on her back allowing you to hang her on the wall. ( Please note that doll does not stand on her own, or come with a doll stand.) Her clothes have been sewn onto her, so therefore they are not removable.

Please keep in mind that this is an Art Doll that is not meant for play, she is fragile and should be brought for display purposes only.

As for all handmade products, you will notice tiny imperfections that are the tell tale signs of a handmade item.

This piece costs $315 plus $8 shipping

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