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19 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Your dolls are very uniquely expressive, which is the signature of a true artist.
    And if i may…I understand the urge to capture sadness in all of it’s shapes and colors since there is a lot to work with, and actually is very hard to convey, but I would also love to eventually see a few sparkles of happiness added to the mix, as we all sometimes do blend smiles with tears -:)
    Looking forward too seeing your future work.

  2. Great, unique characters – where are you selling them? Do you have an online shop? I sell thru Etsy, and it offers fairly good exposure. Just wondering 😉

      1. Cool = I just checked out your shop. Mine, for dolls is new,and I sold 2 last month, very exciting. My other shop is unrelated, but it always surprises me, the level of exposure it brings. Good luck with yours!

      2. Congratulations to you! I’ve sold one doll after having the shop for about a year and a half. Causing me to turn to galleries. Good luck to you too!

      3. If they see enough of your work turning up in searches, it’ll eventually catch on… tagging is important – I didn’t search your tags. I’ve never stumbled across your work in my own art doll searches, so I have to wonder about how you tag them? But if you’ve got the galleries available and taking your work – so much the better! (unless their commission cut is so huge its damaging 😦 )

      4. I only put two dolls up there really, so I didn’t give Etsy a fair chance. (I wasn’t ready to let go of them yet, lol) They were some of my earlier ones, which weren’t as interesting. I used all the tags available and quite a few people found and added them as a favorite and into treasury lists. But that was as far as it went. The commission isn’t too bad, you just have to adjust your asking price to get what you’re looking for as a return.

  3. Amazing work! The faces of each doll is so expressive. Your attention to detail gives each doll a strong, unique personality. Absolutely incredible works of art.

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