My progress with Boo

Art Dolls, Work in Progress

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Well here’s the progress that I’ve been making on Boo so far.  I wanted to try a few different things with her. For one, I have never ever in my life made hands, I can’t even draw them. All the characters in my drawings for as long as I could remember have had their hands in their pockets, they outright scare me. In addition to that, I wanted to start exploring new ways of making eyes. The eyes that I’ve been making were fun while they lasted, but I feel it’s time for me to evolve and move on to more complex ones. I’m already thinking about changes I’m going to make on the next doll that I haven’t even started yet. All these random thoughts running through my head are going to kill me. Maybe I’ll put feet on this one, or maybe I’ll just procrastinate and put them on the next one. They scare me as well, maybe even more than hands….

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