Jim Henson Exhibit

Topics outside the doll world

                                           Photo: Grace Moreno-Vasquez

Over the weekend I went to see the Jim Henson exhibit at the Queens Museum of the Moving Image. It was awesome, there were so many different sides to Jim Henson and his world of Muppets. There were sketches, posters and even night club concept designs that he worked on which was on display. I’m glad to have caught this exihibit and if you are able to, catch it while you can. I somehow lost the photo I took so I posted this pic of Kermie that my good friend got of him.

Just a brief update

Topics outside the doll world

The bronx Zoo cobra has been found. I will miss all of the brief tweets that you have been sending us all telling of your whereabouts and adventures in the city. I hope you have enjoyed your freedom and cupcakes and that you are treated well back home. You will be truly and deeply missed. I hope they allow you to continue using twitter to let us know how you are doing. Maybe I’ll stop by this Ssssummer!