She’s done but missing something…

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Well here’s what she looks like so far. She’s done but not quite complete. I’m just trying to figure out what she needs, maybe I’ll start another project and come back to her to finish up. I usually think of new things when I move on. So I’m off to my next project, watch out now!

2 thoughts on “She’s done but missing something…

  1. lol…. You sound like how I work when it comes to dolls πŸ™‚ I think she looks great… what about a tiny delicate pearl necklace made from white seed beads? And maybe some strung through her hair???

    Oh and Thank you for the blog comment! Believe it or not…. I finally learned how to crochet by watching an online video on how to make a pair of gloves. That was my first project! I'm a lefty so for years I could never get how to do the stitches even in a left handed book. Decided I would have to watch how it was done and wallah… Youtube is another great source for learning how to crochet. Next will be knitting πŸ˜€

  2. Aww thanks Dreamspirations , I really don't know what to do now lol. I've been getting so many people giving me great things to add to her. I'm just going to have to wait this one out and see what flows since I can't load everything on to her lol! I adore youtube for all the educational videos you have access to. I learned a lot of techniques for doll making on there. Good luck on your knitting πŸ™‚

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