New Show at SPACEWOMb Gallery This Saturday

Art Dolls, Completed Dolls


It is so ironic to me how this same little doll that got rejected from Art Doll Quarterly magazine two months ago became the headliner for this show in Long Island City, go figure! I felt kind of bad about it too, but oh well.  You all know the saying, one person’s trash…

6 thoughts on “New Show at SPACEWOMb Gallery This Saturday

  1. She’s pretty awesome! Shows real character. How on earth did you pull off this honor?! How GREAT for you. Poster child! Well, I followed your blog, and I’ll dig around your archives this weekend. I already like what I’m seeing 😉

    Thanks for ‘liking’ my art doll (Shannon). My brother suggested i make a brief, 5 second mini-movie of her with a sort of animated, stop-action effect by merging photos of movement phases in my movie maker – so I hope to get to that next month. It’s such a cool idea!

    1. Thank you so much,she really happened by chance. I was trying to change my technique at the time and she was born lol. I think you should go through with making the movie, it would be awesome. I was inspired to make one after seeing a student show for Pratt university. One of the students (who never made dolls before) decided to create a few dolls and make a movie. It was so creative and clever but I haven’t had time or the patience to follow through and make one of my own. I can’t find her video anywhere on the net, but her is her blog where she explains the steps she took leading up to it. Hope it helps, good luck!

      1. Thanks! I will check this out as soon as my internet conection decides to calm downand let me do some serious browsing! I love seeing other peoples works – there are a lot of cool videos on You Tube like this, stop-action animation shorts, I mean. Weird, strange and very creative. I only worry about running out of storage space in my computer.

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