Back to Polymer Again

Art Dolls, Work in Progress

This is just a sneak peek of a doll that I am working on. I’ve changed clays again, so now I’m trying out Fimo which is a polymer clay. I was previously using Creative’s paper clay but got tired of the waiting for it to dry process. I originally started out using polymer but switched to papar clay because of a compatibility problem between the polymer clay and paint that I was using. The dolls that I made would stay sticky after painting them. Hopefully I won’t have that problem again, I like the way this one is starting to look.

The Big One…

Work in Progress

I’m finally getting back to this one. I had to put this one down for a little while so that I could update the other doll that’s going to be in the show this November. I still have some minor adjustments for the other one but I think its safe for me to start working on this one again. She’s about twice the size I normally work in, but I’m up for the challenge. It should be a lot easier for me to sew her clothes which I hate doing. Well I don’t really hate it, I just get anxious at that point to be done with it all lol.

A tooth for Boo

Art Dolls, Work in Progress

I’ve decided to make a tooth for Boo to hold so that she could be some sort of vampire tooth fairy. I made this one out of polymer clay because of the firmness which makes it easier for me to shape. I’ve been working with paperclay for my dolls because of how rough polymer clay is on my hands but I think it’s too soft for this job. I figured I go back to polymer for this small addition. My other gripe I have with it is that I can’t seem to keep this stuff clean. I manage to get every little speckle of dirt on it that I can. Anyone have a way to get around this? I’m going to paint over it anyway but I’m sure someone has the secret.

My progress with Boo

Art Dolls, Work in Progress

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Well here’s the progress that I’ve been making on Boo so far.  I wanted to try a few different things with her. For one, I have never ever in my life made hands, I can’t even draw them. All the characters in my drawings for as long as I could remember have had their hands in their pockets, they outright scare me. In addition to that, I wanted to start exploring new ways of making eyes. The eyes that I’ve been making were fun while they lasted, but I feel it’s time for me to evolve and move on to more complex ones. I’m already thinking about changes I’m going to make on the next doll that I haven’t even started yet. All these random thoughts running through my head are going to kill me. Maybe I’ll put feet on this one, or maybe I’ll just procrastinate and put them on the next one. They scare me as well, maybe even more than hands….